New development of Softsqueeze has been assumed by a forum member at

For details on obtaining the latest beta release of Softsqueeze please read the Softsqueeze beta thread.

For help with the beta release join the slimdevices forums and post to this thread.
New development of Softsqueeze has been assumed by a forum member at

To use Softsqueeze first you will need to install:

How to download Softsqueeze

The latest binary distribution is available from the SourceForge download area. On Windows download the .exe or for Linux download the .rpm or .zip file. OS X users can install using the .dmg file.

Then once you have downloaded and uncompressed the Softsqueeze zip file, double click on the Softsqueeze.jar file to start the application (on some platforms you might have to start Softsqueeze from the command line).

When you first start Softsqueeze you will be asked for the server IP address and Slimserver version. You can change these settings later in the preferences dialog.

Slimserver integration - Java Web Start and Applets

The Slimserver includes a version of Softsqueeze that can be launched using either Java Web Start or as a Java applet. Click the Softsqueeze link in the help section of the slimserver, and the follow the instructions to start Softsqueeze or by opening one of the following url's (replace localhost with the hostname of your slimserver):


You can upgrade Softsqueeze as follows;

Slimserver integration on a OS X

To update Softsqueeze in the Slimserver preference pane;

Other web servers - Java Web Start

Softsqueeze can be distributed using Java Web Start - a technology that allows Java applications to be launched from a web browser. If you have a web server then you can enable Softsqueeze to use Java Web Start as follows: In the current release you will get a security warning when you use Java Web Start to launch Softsqueeze. It will recommend that you do not run the application because it has not been correctly signed. Ignore this warning :).

Command line

To start Softsqueeze from the command line using the java command you need to:

cd <Softsqueeze directory>
java -jar SoftSqueeze.jar

Source code

The source code for the project is available from the Sourceforge Softsqueeze CVS tree. You can browse the code in your web browser, or use your CVS client to check out the latest version

cvs checkout softsqueeze3

or the current 3.9b1 from bpa using;

cvs export -rPrerelease_3_9b1 softsqueeze3

Softsqueeze is released under the GPL license.

© Richard Titmuss 2004,2005