What ports do I need open on my firewall to use Softsqueeze over the Internet?

Softsqueeze needs to access the Slimserver using tcp ports 3483 and 9000. If you are accessing your Slimserver over the Internet you would be advised to use a VPN or ssh tunnel.

Can I move the remote separately from the main window?

Yes, press Control while dragging the window.

Softsqueeze won't synchronize with my Squeezebox/Slimp3

You need to trouble shoot synchronization.

How do I use Windows Direct Sound

You will get better audio output on Windows using the Direct Sound support. To do this you will first need to download and install Java 5.0 (also know as Java 1.5). Next time you run Softsqueeze in the preferences menu under Audio mixer you will be able to select Primary Sound Driver.

What is the Java MP3 Plugin, and why do I need to install it?

You need to read about the Java MP3 Plugin.

How do I start Softsqueeze without the UI

You can run Softsqueeze without the user interface (commonly know as headless) by specifying the Slimserver IP address on the command line. For example

java -Dserver= -Dskins=headless -jar Softsqueeze.jar.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

The keyboard shortcuts in Softsqueeze are similar to winamp and xmms.
L Add to playlist
F Search
R Toggle repeat
S Toggle shuffle
A.Down Arrow Down
A.Up Arrow Up
A.Right Arrow Right
A.Left Arrow Left
N Now Playing
Ctrl + D Size
Ctrl + P Options
F1 About
Ctrl + W Remote window
X Play
C Pause
Z Rew
B Fwd
M Mute
W Browser
0-9 0-9

When I move my windows they jump around

This is caused by a bug in Java. If you upgrade to Java 5.0 (also known as Java 1.5) then the windows will move smoothly.

I am told to update the firmware

This only applies to really old version of Softsqueeze; In the preferences screen make sure you have selected the correct Slimserver version. If you keep getting this message, 'forget this player' from the Slimserver web page.

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